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infinite home improvements employees

Our Company

With a full staff of designers, project managers, and licensed tradesmen, Infinite Home Services goes above and beyond to ensure that your home renovation project is completed by reliable professionals at every step of your project.

Project Managers

Consumer advocate organizations all agree that skilled tradesman and quality craftsman are worth the added cost when compared to the endless delays and lost time caused by cheap labor in kitchen and bath remodeling.

If you are considering a major renovation for the first time, it’s important to know that if you do not spend the right amount to start, it will ALWAYS cost you in the end. Becoming an experienced professional in the detailed world of kitchen renovation comes with an expensive learning curve. Don’t become someone’s curve.

Our Installation crews are hard working, considerate, English speaking for necessary on-site communication, and detail-oriented trade specialists. Each one is licensed in the trade being performed as well as bonded and insured.

By allowing Infinite Home Improvements to manage your next project, you are ensuring your satisfaction and valuing your time!

On-Staff Designers

With the majority of our on-staff designers having over 20 years experience in kitchen and bath design, we have the creativity necessary to implement your remodeling project along with the experience level to execute it on budget!

We will help you navigate through the seemingly endless options in colors, styles, and materials with insight and product knowledge only gained through many years of home improvement experience.

Experienced designers with superb communication skills and the ability to walk in-step with our project managers will ensure your vision becomes the dream you hoped for and not the nightmare you’ve heard stories of.

We will arrange a time that’s convenient for your schedule to meet with you on location, bring samples to show you what products and styles are trending, and even help you with visualizing your space by creating 3D renderings through the use of the latest in CAD software!

Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality

Schedule Your Free Onsite Design Consultation Today